Matchmaking Facility (MMF)

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Small and medium-sized companies from emerging economies that wish to do business with a company from the Netherlands can apply for the Matchmaking Facility (MMF). Via MMF the applicant company comes into contact with various Dutch companies under the supervision of a shortlisted consultant. MMF is managed by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Who can apply?

MMF is open to established companies that belong to the category small- and medium-sized enterprises with a solid business plan. Furthermore, the privately owned companies have to have been in existence for at least two years with decent operational and financial track records from one of the selected 66 low- and middle income countries, 34 of which are in Africa. Please refer to the MMF Factsheet to see which countries are eligible.

What is the procedure?

Companies that are interested in MMF are advised to contact the Dutch embassy within their country or region with the completed intake form and appendices. After approval, RVO assigns a consultant with relevant expertise in your sector to the applicant company. Please note that RVO selects the consultant, not the applicant company. The consultant helps the company through all stages of the matchmaking process, from preparing a business case presentation and identifying candidate partner companies to organising a visit programme to the Netherlands and presenting a final report with potential follow-up steps for arriving at a partnership.

What are the costs?

The total costs for this process are covered by a voucher of €6,000. Applicants are requested to pay for their own travel and accommodation, and local transportation costs.

More information

For more information about MMF, please leave a message via the contact form.