Corporate Social Responsibility

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Entrepreneurship is imperative for society. Not only because of it provides access to goods, services and tax incomes, but also because it creates employment and fulfilment. Entrepreneurship is socially responsible in itself. It is, however, important that companies keep an eye on the social and environmental impact and sustainability of their business. EMSA has assisted many companies with formulating their policy regarding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Our team has experience with different sectors, ranging from agriculture to logistics. Each industry requires a different approach. We know the standards for your branch and can advice you how to communicate your CSR policy to your personnel, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders. A CSR policy does not only allow you to commit your personnel and audience to your business, but also to critically evaluate your practices and match them to your mission. Moreover, having a CSR document is often a prerequisite for Dutch and other (inter)national project financing programmes.

It often happens that companies already have good CSR practices, but that they have never had the opportunity to consolidate them in a formalised policy document. Every CSR process starts with explicating the purpose of your business and how it operates within society. Next, we perform a comprehensive value chain analysis, where we identify the stakeholders, communication channels and risks associated with your business. Finally, we help you formulate new objectives where necessary, including strategies how to realise them. When requested, we can stay involved during the implementation stage.

At EMSA we also like to walk the talk when it comes to CSR. We value the environment; we keep our printing and energy consumption to a minimum, and encourage the use of public transport. We stimulate personal development by means of training, coaching and travelling. Moreover, our team is actively involved in societal activities. We participate in politics, public debates and boards, write publications, and perform (other) volunteer activities. Visit About to read more about our staff.