Our services

  • Strategy & Policy Development
  • Corporate Finance
  • Investment Project Implementation

Strategy & Policy Development

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For private businesses

For private sector clients, we provide the full range services for business and strategy development. Some examples of what we do:

  • Business development
    • Business planning, market entry strategies and revenue modeling.
    • Feasibility studies, value chain analysis, market studies.
  • International matchmaking and establishing business partnerships.
  • Developing a CSR policy (Corporate Social Responsibility).

For public sector clients

EMSA can help public authorities and (international) development institutions to develop their policies for private sector development. Our services portfolio in this respect:
  • Development of trade and investment promotion programs.
  • Private sector prospecting and profiling, feasibility studies, value chain selection and analysis, program, project and policy evaluations.
  • Organizing trade missions and (international) events and seminars for trade and investment promotion, carrying out international business matchmaking programs.
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For start-ups

EMSA has a special line of services directed at start-ups. We mainly work under institutionalized incubation and acceleration programs (some of these co-initiated by us). We do mentoring, coaching, fundraising, training, incubation and growth acceleration.

Corporate Finance

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For private businesses

We help private businesses to raise funding to realize their growth ambitions. Our services cover all corporate finance and investment finance options:

  • Debt finance:
    • investment loans,
    • bank financing,
    • working capital financing,
    • equipment financing
    • etc.
  • Private equity and venture capital.
  • Structured and mezzanine finance.
  • Grant financings.

For investment funds and donor institutions

For investment funds and donor institutions, EMSA can generate deal flow, do project identification, increase development impact, secure CSR risk management, carry out due diligence and feasibility studies.
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Investment Project implementation

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EMSA’s commitment doesn’t stop at having investment projects structured and financed. EMSA is able to accompany clients up to the stage of full implementation of their investment projects. A selection of our services:
  • Project setup and design, vendor selection, organizing technical assistance.
  • Solving legal issues and international trade issues.
  • Temporary business management and project management.
  • Turn-key project implementation.
  • Developing and implementing a CSR policy (Corporate Social Responsibility).