About EMSA

EMSA Emerging Markets Africa (2006) is a business development and corporate advisory firm focused on Sub-Saharan Africa. We provide a range of services to companies and policy makers in and for Africa’s emerging economies. Our drive is to combine high returns on investment for clients with a high developmental impact for local economies and societies. Therefore, our services stretch all aspects and stages of business development and growth, focusing on strategy and policy development, corporate finance and investment project implementation.

EMSA works for both the private sector and public authorities and institutions. Our track record covers over 25 Sub-Saharan African countries and various industries, including agribusiness, construction and infrastructure, health, energy and water, ICT, knowledge and education, production and manufacturing, services, and transport and logistics.

We have helped African private businesses increase their competitiveness substantially with our interventions. The total value of private investment projects in which EMSA was involved, adds up to €70 million. Furthermore, over 1,500 new jobs have been generated.

Company Management

Michiel Hillen

Founder & Director

As a senior business development specialist entirely focused on Africa, Michiel is widely renown as being one of the pioneers in the industry. His track record in fundraising for African SMEs is second to none. In addition to that, he advises governments and institutions on business climate related issues. He is the author of multiple books and articles on (inter)national socio-economic subjects and gives frequent contributions at conferences, seminars and international trade missions. Michiel has held several supervisory positions at companies and organizations, such as the Netherlands African Business Council (NABC) and Carrel Technologies Limited in Nairobi (to date).
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Our added value lies in our understanding of private sector needs, creativity and perseverance in combination with our client orientation and high commitment to integrity and development impact, enabling us to solve even the most challenging and complex issues.

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